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By: Mark Allan Karanja

What memory does the name Weetabix trigger in your mind? For me it is breakfast as a child. Waking up to a bowl Weetabix and milk sweetened with a little honey by my mother. It was my first meal of the day before I went to school every day. And it remained so for a long time. I am sure many can relate. Well Weetabix, in conjunction with Spielworks Media, are taking us back to our youth. The yester years of school and family around the table having breakfast and making memories.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 3.57.08 PMWeetabix are at it again; making new memories with a few great laughs, thanks to the first mobile comedy sitcom – Rispa. It is branded entertainment with heart and drive. To keep the story true to every Kenyan out there who grew up within a typical Kenyan home, with that one extra member of the family that made life that much more interesting. Weetabix continues to help create sweet memories for all around.

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Meet the Tembo family. An average Kenyan family. Mom – Mrs. Tembo aka Mama Nigel is a nurse, Dad – Mr. Tembo aka Baba Nigel is a supervisor at an environmental conservation organization. And their family is made complete by their two lovely children, Nigel and Rosie. They are a normal family with a normal life, with normal problems but not so normal solutions. For you see, they have one more member in the mix that makes their family that much more special. Rispa.

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Yes, she is back, this time with the Tembo family. While the Jumas from Lies That Bindare away, Rispa Aka ‘Yure Ndem’, has gone and gotten herself a side hustle as house help…. I mean, Home engineer to the Tembos, and many times, their savior. She is the general, and she has one rule for all to follow- breakfast is compulsory!

The Rispa show promises to be the next big comedy show, with a star studded cast of Milkah Ndegwa as Rispa, Neomi Ng’ang’a as Mrs. Tembo, also starring in Sumu La Penzi and Gerald Langiri, who has featured in Mali and the romantic comedy“House of Lungula” as Mr.Tembo. It promises to be a scream. The Tembo family is your normal loving family, always facing new problems and challenges but always finding solutions to these problems thanks – many times – to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Rispa.

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Rispa might be the help but there is nothing subordinate about her. She runs a tight ship and is clearly the boss in this household, much to the pleasure and most times, relief of her adopted family. She takes care of the Tembos, but there is always drama at the breakfast table. Always a problem to be solved. And even though she might make it worse, trust Rispa to come up with a solution that will not only leave us in stitches, but will also leave her family happy.

The Rispa show promises to be something that we will not soon forget. Look out for it. Keep it Spielworks Media for more information.

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